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Our mobile brake technicians can provide excellent Ford brake service at your home, place of business, or apartment.
They come with our Woody’s Guarantee and provide incredibly good customer service.

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How Our Mobile Ford Brake Service Works

The cheapest and easiest way to service the brakes on your Ford.

Get Your Free Repair Quote

Provide us with information on the condition of your brakes, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation repair quote for your car.

Choose Your Repair Date

Choose a repair day and time that are convenient for you. We take great satisfaction in making things easy for you.

Enjoy Safer Driving

When your brakes are ready to go, our brake professionals will make sure they are and you may resume driving without any worries!

Ford Brake Repair That Fits Your Budget & Schedule

If you drive a high-performance vehicle, such as a Ford, you will need to have the brakes serviced frequently, which adds to the expenditure. With over 15 years of expertise servicing Ford brakes and mechanical issues, our mobile brake technicians are fully qualified to service your Ford and get it back on the road. Furthermore, all of our labor is covered by our Woody’s Guarantee, which promises that your brakes will function as intended every single day.


Although maintaining and owning a Ford can be costly, there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t end up paying more than necessary for repairs. At Woody’s, we want to provide all Ford owners the assurance that they’re receiving a fair and honest brake service price utilizing high-quality, long-lasting parts. We do this by being upfront and honest about our pricing. Our brake professionals will inspect and replace brake pads, rotors, and calipers only when it is absolutely essential for the longevity and security of your car, just like with every other brake service.

Average Ford Brake Pad Replacement Cost


Includes Parts, Labor & Warranty

Average Ford Brake Rotor Replacement Cost


Includes Parts, Labor & Warranty

Prices on average are only approximations. Give us a call or make an online estimate request for your Ford to get precise pricing.

Ditch The Shop, We Bring THE BEST Ford Brake Services To Your Work or Home.

Put an end to your quest for the closest Ford brake service provider and let them come to you. Our on-call Ford brake service specialists offer excellent, completely guaranteed brake services for your Ford while you’re parked in your house, place of business, or apartment. Instead of wasting half a day and spending more money at the neighborhood dealer or brake shop, you may get excellent Ford brake service for less money while relaxing in your own home or place of business.

Ford Brake Problems & Symptoms

Warning Signs & Sounds

Grinding, Screeching, Squealing, Rubbing, and Other High-Pitched Noises

If you hear high-pitched noises when you brake, your brake shoes and pads are probably worn out. If you drive with worn-out brake shoes and pads, you run the risk of causing more harm to your car, therefore you should definitely arrange a brake examination as soon as possible.

Vibration or Pulsing

When braking, if you experience pulsating or vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal, you most likely have rotor problems. Get your car checked out as soon as you notice any symptoms, as warped or damaged rotors can result in expensive repairs.

Excessive Brake Pedal Travel

When applying the brakes, if you feel that the pedal goes farther than it should, you probably have brake pad problems starting. Since there is less chance of significant damage, now is the best time to have your brakes tested and fixed.

Schedule A Free Brake Inspection & Estimate For Your Ford

Make an appointment for a free check and estimate from our brake technicians if you are having any troubling symptoms.


Our goal is to simplify and eliminate frustration from the brake repair procedure. We will make every effort to ensure that your repair or replacement meets your satisfaction. We’re always available by phone or message, and we’ll try our best to resolve any problems you may be experiencing.

Frequently Asked Ford Brake Repair Questions

Learn more about our Ford brake service

By offering a mobile, on-demand brake repair and replacement service, Woody’s offers a contemporary method of doing so. In contrast to traditional Ford brake service shops, which use subpar parts, don’t disclose pricing, and make you wait in the lobby while the work is done, Woody’s will send you a transparent quote first. If you approve of it, an ASE-certified Woody’s technician will then come to you with everything they need to fix your brakes. We want to save you time by offering a reliable and honest diagnosis and repair estimate for your Ford. You can get a price for your Ford brake service by clicking this link, providing some information about your car and the brakes, and we’ll get back to you in less than 15-minutes.

We firmly think that spending your Saturday afternoon at the brake repair shop is not nearly as important as investing your time, energy, and faith in a reliable service provider. With just a few clicks, you can quickly get a price and arrange for a mobile brake repair service to come to you thanks to the NuBrakes service. The time you have left in the day is limited, so we believe you should spend it doing the things you enjoy rather than waiting at the brake repair shop. In addition, a lot of brake repair businesses will give you an estimate that is higher than you need to pay and will frequently advise you to replace or repair brake parts that are not required. More advantageous than sparing cash and time?

Your mobile brake repair service should take 45 to 90 minutes on average, and the usual appointment lasts an hour. We will work with you to accommodate any scheduling constraints you may have.

Yes, we can service the brakes on almost all Ford models and trim levels! Regardless of the brand or year, all of our mobile brake replacement specialists are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to fix your brakes. Thus, we can handle your brake service needs whether you’re seeking for work on an G-class or 328i.

Indeed. Each brake repair specialist at Woody’s has years of experience in the field and holds an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Although all aspects of car maintenance are well-versed in by our professionals, brake repair is our main focus and area of expertise.

When fixing your brakes, high-quality components are crucial. The majority of the time at Woody’s, we use semi-metallic or professional ceramic brake pads. These parts come with our Woody’s Guarantee and perform incredibly well.

Within an hour of submitting your request for a free brake repair quote, you will receive an email outlining our best estimate for the repairs and their estimated cost based on the symptoms you reported. A Woody’s technician will show up on the day of your appointment equipped with all the equipment required to assess your brakes in person. Your technician will give you an official repair quote after the in-person assessment. The technician will finish the brake repair process once you give your approval.

Yes, your Woody’s mobile brake repair is backed by our Woody’s Guarantee.

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